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LAWRENCEBURG, Ind., November 11, 2014 – The Dearborn Community Foundation (DCF), Inc. is offering the Community Challenge matching campaign thanks to a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc.’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) initiative. DCF recently received approval from Lilly Endowment to participate in the GIFT VI initiative, which is providing up to $500,000 in matching funds for contributions to endowment and operations at the Foundation.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the Community Challenge matching campaign,” said Fred McCarter, DCF Executive Director. “Our hope is this unique opportunity will encourage or challenge more individuals, organizations and businesses in our community to participate in philanthropy through endowment at the Foundation. We are very thankful Lilly Endowment has once again provided us with a great opportunity to further develop our community’s perpetual legacy of self-reliance.”

Half of the $500,000 is set aside for $1-for-$1 matches to contributions to any new or existing Community Funds (also known as unrestricted endowments) at DCF. The other $250,000 is set aside for 50-cents on the dollar matches for donations to any other new or existing endowments at the Foundation. Additionally, contributions to DCF operations will receive the 50-cent match.

Since there are two different types of matches, it will take a total of $750,000 in community contributions to achieve the goal of the $500,000 match from Lilly Endowment. When the challenge is successfully met, DCF will be able to put $1.25 million to work in Dearborn County. The deadline for DCF to reach the $1.25 million fundraising goal is March 31, 2016.

It’s important to note that contributions from units of government and organizations that are considered in the “charitable sector” do not qualify to be matched in the Community Challenge matching program, said McCarter, who encourages anyone with questions about the matching program to contact the DCF office. Organizations with designated or agency endowments must first contact DCF to learn how their endowments can receive matching funds.

“Many donors are familiar with the DCF Double-Your-Donation endowment matching program,” McCarter said. “There are different guidelines for the Community Challenge matching program and it’s important that folks contact us to ensure they understand how the matching works.”

Unlike the Double-Your-Donation endowment matching program, the Community Challenge matching program has no limit on the maximum donation per donor. Contributions will be matched on a first-come, first-served basis as long as matching funds are available.

The GIFT VI guidelines require DCF to utilize at least $250,000 of the challenge grant to match contributions to unrestricted endowment funds, which are commonly referred to as Community Funds. Donors contribute to Community Funds because they realize the needs of the community change over time. Contributions to these types of endowment funds help the Foundation board of directors and staff to address those changing needs in the community.

Community Funds provide grants to programs that support victims of abuse or violence, feed and shelter people in need, impact environment, build trails and recreational projects, encourage educational as well as arts and cultural experiences and much more – here in Dearborn County.

Lilly Endowment’s GIFT initiative, which began in 1990, was designed to help local Indiana communities develop the philanthropic capacity to address their own needs and challenges. Now, 94 Community Foundations and county affiliate funds throughout Indiana make grants to support local charitable organizations in all of Indiana’s 92 counties.

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment’s GIFT initiative and thousands of donors, volunteers and foundation staff throughout the state, the aggregate value of assets of Indiana Community Foundations has increased from $30 million to nearly $2 billion, and those foundations have paid grants totaling more than $915 million.

Established in December 1997 during the early phases of the GIFT initiative, members of the community have been turning to Dearborn Community Foundation for 17 years now to make their philanthropic dreams come true. DCF, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt public charity, helps donors’ dreams come true by safeguarding endowments for the community through contributions large and small. Grants awarded by DCF support the needs and interests in Dearborn County in the fields of Art, Culture and Humanities, Community and Public Benefit, Education, Environment and Animal Protection, Human Services, Public Safety and Youth Programs.

In January 2009, DCF received the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity and accountability: the seal of approval from the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations Program operated by the Council on Foundations, a national professional association based in Washington, D.C. To learn more about DCF and the Community Challenge matching campaign, call 812-539-4115, stop by the office at 322 Walnut Street in Lawrenceburg, or visit the Foundation website at