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Dr. Leslie M. Baker Memorial Scholarship Program

The Dr. Leslie M. Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to help students seeking a doctorate in medicine. The fund was established by Dr. Steven Gerke, and the family of the late Dr. Baker. During Dr. Gerke’s college years, he had received financial aid anonymously. Dr. Gerke learned a few years later that Dr. Baker was the individual that had anonymously provided financial support for his education. He also learned that Baker had helped untold other Dearborn County students. The families of Dr. Gerke and Dr. Baker were all so moved by Dr. Baker’s philanthropy that they started the memorial scholarship fund.

All questions relating to available scholarship opportunities should be directed to the DCF Program Director at:

Dearborn Community Foundation
322 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
(812)539-4115 phone